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Today we've found... a chat about your emotional brain, a happy hour of gratitude, and one of the most intense workouts in NYC.

Figure Yourself Out - Jan. 30

The rent is due yesterday, Karen from accounting is constantly hitting you with with 9pm emails about those expense reports, and “Bumble Brad” STILL has not texted you back… but you’re totally fine, right? Well, the four empty pints of Ben and Jerry’s sitting in purgatory on top of your dresser are telling a different story.

You should check out... Inside the Feeling Brain, a discussion hosted by neuroscientists that will delve into the science behind how our emotions affect our behavior and choices. Learn the language of your brain to better understand how it reacts to the stresses of life and how you can use that information to jump back into the driver’s seat.

You are Your Most Valuable Asset - Jan. 27

But amidst all the chaos of late rent checks, bad bumble dates, and infuriating work emails, it’s easy to lose track of the things we do have...

You should check out... The Hour of Gratitude community workshop. This happy hour and workshop will teach us how to look inward with gratitude as a tool, so we can better alleviate mental, emotional and physical disharmonies when they arise. And if the empty pints of Cherry Garcia are any indication, they’re always arising. 

With all this newly found self-harmony and mindfulness you’ll be ready to...

Motivate Yourself Through a Brick Wall - Jan. 30

The Ben and Jerry’s empties made it to the trash, the trash made it to the trash room, Bumble Brad’s eventual “u up?” text did not get a response, and you’re ready to take on the whole goddamn world. 
You should check out... The Tone House Bleacher Feature, a motivational chat with an elite athlete followed by a grueling group workout hosted by said elite athlete. It’s worth noting that Tone House is infamously one of the most intense workouts in NYC, but you just kicked in the front door to life with a motivational warrant for stress & pain’s arrest, so… challenge accepted. 
Well that was an emotional roller coaster. Gonna need a couple pints of Chunky Monkey to wind down... everyone's got their crutch! See you out there.
- Steve & Taylor
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