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Today we've found... technological mindfulness, a workout with questionable verbiage, and meditation for your modern life. 

Your Brain on Tech - Feb. 3

Feel too attached to your phone? WAIT… don’t toss it out the window of your 5th floor walk-up just yet. Why not? Because are you kidding me? That thing was expensive… AND what if I told you there’s a group of people who are exploring the use of technology to better the mind, because yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m telling you. 

You should check out... Consciousness Hacking, a new approach to mental and spiritual growth that utilizes technology, psychedelics, and meditation to explore the mind. Professor Chris Kelley, a founding member of the New York consciousness hacking group and awesome speaker (we met him at his talk about Buddhist principles and Louis CK) will discuss consciousness hacking while focusing on the question: Can technology facilitate mindfulness? I hope so, otherwise this iPhone is going out the damn window.

Have a "Blast" - Feb. 4

Had some reservations about this one due to the event description’s liberal use of the phrase “booty blasting” but after further investigation, this is indeed a fitness class. 

You should check out... The “Turn it Up, Burn it Up” free full-body workout, that we have been told will “blast” your booty. Save yourself the embarrassment of having “booty blast” in your search history and just click the link if you want to know what the workout entails. We would also like to take this time to apologize to anyone who was standing behind us in the coffee shop when we googled “booty blasting.”

Modern Mind Meditation - Feb. 2

You march your body to the gym to work off a weekend of fried chicken & beer shaped bad decisions... but what are you doing for that brain of yours?

You should check out... Meditation for the Modern Mind, a free intro course to meditation. Learn how mediation is like exercise for your mind and can lead to better productivity, a clearer head, and more energy. It’s just like hopping on the elliptical, but for your brain. Except unlike the elliptical, meditation actually does something. Maybe the StairMaster would have been a better metaphor…  
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