Weird, fun, & challenging things to do in NYC

We’re not saying our current political situation will definitely send our society back to the middle ages by means of nuclear war or sweeping theocratic reforms, but just in case it does…

You’ll want to be prepared by checking out this Longsword class for beginners(so basically everybody). While other doomsday preppers are busy stockpiling canned goods like giant paranoid squirrels, you’ll be learning how to win a goddamn sword fight. And last time we checked, you can’t fight off a band of medieval style Mad Max raiders with a can of green beans.
And while we’re busy prepping for the end of the world, we might as well learn some ways to better cope with our bullshit. Because as much bullshit as you think you’ve got in your life now, just wait until those aforementioned medieval Mad Max raiders get thrown into the mix… 

The Let Go of Your Bullsh*t Mindfulness Workshop is a straightforward no BS class that teaches journaling, meditation, and yoga techniques that can help us identify and break self-destructive patterns… which we guess is pretty useful even pre-apocalypse. 
For those of you in happy loving relationships, good for you. Have a great Valentine’s day. The newsletter is over. Thanks for reading. For the rest of you…

Spend Valentine’s evening somewhere other than under your comforter by checking out this Think Olio talk, where a PhD in educational psychology will examine love from a scientific perspective and lead partnered exercises to give us a better understanding of how the subconscious plays a role in our relationships. And yes, complimentary drinks will be provided… we see you. 
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