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ConBody Prison Workout
Face it, you’re soft AF. Yeah, you feel like you’re in ‘The Wire’ when your roommate’s “guy” Duncan drops by the apartment, and sometimes you don’t separate the trash from the recycling (you really should stop that). But honestly, if you want to look hard you’ll have to do some more cardio than just jaywalking. 

Lucky for you, it doesn’t require a rap sheet to get into some Rikers Island style workouts. ConBody is a prison style boot camp class, and while that might sound intimidating, ConBody’s community and awesome team of ex-cons turned trainers make it one of the friendliest and supportive fitness environments in NYC.
Quiet Mornings at MoMa
Mornings, the time of the day equivalent to stubbing your toe, but no amount of yelling and screaming will change the inevitable… you’ve got a day of the human condition ahead of you. Soooo, let’s try a different approach.     

Maybe try Quiet Mornings at The Museum of Modern Art, a way to find inspiration for the day ahead as you by silently take in MoMa’s many exhibits. MoMa will be hosting special early hours on the first Wednesday of every month for you to walk the art filled halls while avoiding typical museum crowds. Disclaimer: you’ll probably have to wake up even earlier to attend.
The Happiness Effect
Before you start gramming pictures of your hard new con body, or live tweeting your oh so cultured mornings at the museum…

Check out The Happiness Effect, a talk on how social media is driving a generation to appear perfect at any cost. While the majority of us aren’t trying to get insta-famous, there’s no reason captioning a photo should throw us into an existential crisis (What does my use of commas say about me? Who is me?!) Sound like you? Let’s unpack that. 
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