Weird, fun, & challenging things to do in NYC

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What Makes YOU Tick?
You SHOULD read one book a month. You SHOULD stretch before bed. You SHOULD meditate. You SHOULD put butter in your coffee…. You know what? You SHOULD all quit acting like you’ve got the keys to life.

If it feels like you're constantly being overwhelmed with “shoulds” these days, each one promising a new secret to productivity, health, or happiness, you should (irony acknowledged) check out The Human Design, a workshop that acknowledges what all the should-sayers fail to mention; we’re all different. The workshop will give you tools to map out what makes you tick as an individual and tell you how that knowledge can help you approach life’s challenges in ways that are unique to you. 
Dumpster Dive Bike Ride
That whole SoulCycle scene a little too glamorous for you? We hear ya’. Could this be the newest cycling-based craze to sweep NYC by storm? Probably not… 

NYC environmental organization Time’s Up hosts a monthly dumpster diving bike tour through different neighborhoods in NYC. You won’t get a $120 yellow-spoked SOUL hoodie from this bike ride, but you will get a better understanding of food waste in NYC and what we can all do to live more sustainable lifestyles… also maybe a free sandwich.
Pints & Puppies
I was told “You suck!” by one of those orange vested bad mood merchants this morning for not immediately stopping in my tracks to hear about how thousands of dogs are dying and are in dire need of our help. Listen buddy, I know dogs need our help, that’s why I’m writing this post. And I didn’t need you playing zone defense on my morning commute to do it.  

If you like dogs and don’t “suck” like I apparently do, bring yourself (and your dog) to the Pints & Puppies happy hour, where you and your dog can make new friends of the four or two-legged variety. Proceeds will go towards supporting local dog rescue programs, which of course is how you know you don't suck.  

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