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Rope Bondage for Beginners
Rope class! Unless you grew up on a cattle farm, those two words will only evoke the feeling of friction burned hands and the *thud* sound your ass made when it crashed down on one of those high school gym mats. “Never again…” you may have sighed to yourself, staring up the length of that prickly rope. Well high school you, things are a little… different now.

Welcome to adulthood, where classes involving rope are infinitely more interesting and much less painful… unless that’s what you’re into. This BYOSW (bring your own safe word) rope bondage workshop will cover all the basics of rope play in a safe and fun environment. Safe and fun, two things your high school gym class certainly was not.
Speaking of high school...
Samurai Sword Fighting Class
Remember that kid from high school who had that sweet set of katanas? Maybe some of you even remember laughing at a video that made it around school of him practicing his sword skills in the woods behind Wendy’s? Well, turns out that I… HE was just way ahead of his time.

It’s 2017 and if you’re all caught up you’ll know that new and exciting workouts are the definition of cool. So if you’re looking to spice up your fitness life or learn something that is (and always has been) super cool, you should check out this samurai sword fighting class for beginners. By the way, I heard Sword Kid is doing really well these days and has this like sick newsletter or something, I don’t know.  
Why Bad Taste is Back in Style
It only takes 5 minutes in a Williamsburg thrift store to see that what some might call “bad taste” has made it back in style. Have you ever wondered why?
Check out this talk by a PhD candidate that will cover why the supposed “bad taste” of postmodern design has come back. The discussion will also use examples in architecture, design, and style to define bad taste versus good taste... maybe an example of the latter being a sweet set of traditional Japanese katanas that really tie an apartment together?

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