(Not all the happy hours... obviously.)


Why? They don’t work! Seriously, trust falls with Karen from accounting won't make a more productive sales team. What does create productive teams is connecting employees with engaging experiences that they are actually interested in. 

Aegent works with a network of innovative instructors, speakers, and purveyors of weird to connect thousands of New Yorkers with the boundary expanding experiences they actively seek out. By working with us to bring these types of experiences to the workplace you can create and environment of engaged and ultimately more productive employees.


It’s true… learning shouldn’t stop after college. But it also shouldn’t end up in some backroom leadership conference at a Hilton in Camden, New Jersey. Aegent works with top speakers, thinkers, and teachers to hold classes and talks that are interesting, compelling, and relevant to your everyday lives.

Some Examples:

Whiskey 101: Impress clients with your knowledge of booze!
SciLab: See the impact living an environmentally conscious life has on NYC


Let's be honest, nobody is overly thrilled about that $5 discount to Crunch. And all those weekly spinning classes are starting to feel a bit... cyclical. Aegent works with NYC’s most innovative and creative fitness instructors to hold in and out of office fitness classes and events.

Some Examples:

Get Weird & Sweaty: Serious workouts are allowed to be silly
Do the Time: A prison yard style workout with an Ex-Con



What's this warm fuzzy feeling? It feels good to give back to the communities that have given us so much. Aegent partners with local organizations that are taking an active role in community building to hold charity events, drives, and volunteer opportunities that benefit NYC.

Bubble Soccer Charity Tournament: Play bubble soccer for charity
Tech4Tots: An annual multi-company holiday toy drive & concert
Make Future Scientists: A happy hour that sponsors science trips for NYC schools