Lift Floats - East Coast's largest sensory deprivation/float tank therapy center


The Big Quiet - Mass meditations held in breathtaking locations around NYC

Pop-up Classes & Talks

Think Olio - Accessible weekly talks and classes delivered by college professors

Thought Gallery - Smart things to do in NYC

Asskickers - Small group workshops designed to help you live a better life (and kick ass)

92Y Talks - Compelling talks and readings from leading thinkers and authors

Bluestockings - A progressive bookstore/activist center/cafe that holds talks and events 

The Village Voice - Classes, lectures, music, and dace all in one place

Gay Letter - LBGTQ focused art exhibitions, book talks, events, and more   

How-to classes

Astor Center - Wine and Spirits information classes and tastings. Learn how to drink!

REI Co-Op - Camping and outdoor activity classes in and around NYC

Course Horse - A collection of local classes and courses ranging anywhere from dancing to coding 

Madagascar Institute - A Brooklyn art combine that teaches welding